"As entrepreneurs, business owners and investors, we are too busy to spend time guessing among all the options which books will actually take our businesses to the next level."

That is why I created Sabio Books.  I read the books, test their principles and only tell you about the best of the best so that you do not have to guess which will help you most.

Founder - Adam Jason

Adam Jason is an attorney, author, investor and entrepreneur. He is a partner and general counsel for Lifeafar Capital, a specialized real estate and alternative investment firm, working from Medellin, Colombia. As an attorney, he has represented some of the world’s leading companies and financial institutions in over $10 billion of transaction value, including Sherwin-Williams, R.J. Reynolds, Procter & Gamble, Macy’s, JP Morgan, Citibank, Morgan Stanley and Yeti Coolers. Adam is also a real estate investor and an early-stage company investor/advisor (Legacy Group, Green Coffee Company, Polygonus, Virtuagym).