This is the Book That You Will Gift to Those in Your Circle Who, For Your Benefit, You Need to Be More Successful

Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich will forever be an entrepreneur´s classic. There is simply no way to leave this book off of your reading list if you are someone who craves achievement in business and in life.  If you get that rush of excitement when you think about how much potential for greatness you have inside you, this book will help you turn all that excitement from dreams to reality.  

I have read Think and Grow Rich six times and once more in preparation of writing this article.  Think and Grow Rich is the book that you discuss with co-workers, employees and colleagues and that you give as a gift to others.  Personally, I often gift Think and Grow Rich selfishly to my business partners and those who I work with because I know that there is no other resource that will give them a better chance of becoming their absolute best versions.

Think and Grow Rich reminds all entrepreneurs and business owners, with concrete examples from the greatest business minds that have ever walked the planet, that, in this famous Think and Grow Rich quote, “the mind can produce anything that the mind can conceive of and believe.” In the book, you will hear stories about how folks like Andrew Carnegie and other titans of business used the power of clarity of purpose, persistence, definite decision and emotional self-control to make the U.S. the global symbol of industrial progress and riches. Real principles. Real stories. Real examples that you can apply to your own life and business to achieve any goal you set for yourself. There’s just no other way to say it, you have to read this book.

Definite Goals

Think and Grow Rich rightfully preaches the power of definite goals.  Achievement of all that you can imagine for your life and business is the central theme of this book. You, however, have to do your part. That responsibility includes incredible clarity about where you want to go.  The more precise the better.  Will things go exactly as planned? Of course not. How do you get as close as possible to guaranteeing, however, that your dreams will in fact come true? A crystal clear vision, written down and oft-consulted that you remind yourself and everyone else who will play a critical role in achieving your mission of frequently.   


Think and Grow Rich dedicates many inspirational pages to the power of persistence.  The book reminds us that it is the work that we do when nobody else is looking that will determine our fate. Those who have not been in the trenches of trying to make a business work or idea come to life as we have been, see entrepreneurship today as a means to overnight success.  The real road to success involves a lot of kicks to the teeth to which you respond by begging for more.  The stories in Think and Grow Rich about those people who have inarguably realized tremendous levels of success in their business lives will remind you that the value of persistence cannot be overstated.          

Pay Others to Make you Rich

No investment that you make will be more critical to your ability to achieve those definite goals that we discussed above than the investment that you make in others.  “Pay others to make you rich” is an incredible philosophy that does not require much explanation. Identify the tasks that need to get done well for your goals to become a reality. Find the best possible people you can to complete those tasks and that your capital can afford. Pay them.    

Master Your Emotions  

To control your business, you must control your mind.  To manage your team, you must first manage your emotions. Think and Grow Rich and the lessons of Napoleon Hill remind us that no matter the circumstances that confront us, and no matter how hard it can be, we have to stand guard as to what emotions we permit into our lives. Think and Grow Rich identifies seven positive emotions. These are desire, faith, love, sex, enthusiasm, romance and hope. The book also identifies seven negative emotions.  Those negative emotions are anger, jealousy, fear, hate, revenge, greed and superstition. Which emotions you decide to permit into your life is your choice alone.       

Think and Grow Rich has sold millions of copies. It has been the foundational book for entrepreneurs, business owners and big thinkers for decades. If you haven’t, you need to add it to your library. 

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Think and Grow Rich will forever be an entrepreneur´s classic. There is no way to leave this book off of your list if you crave achievement in business and in life.