Wealth Accumulation: Let this Book be Your Guide

Homeless to Billionaire: The 18 Principles of Wealth Attraction and Creating Unlimited Opportunity, by Andres Pira and Joe Vitale

If you are going to take some advice on how to build wealth, why not take it from someone who was a billionaire in their 30s? With Homeless to Billionaire, by Andres Pira and Joe Vitale, you get your own personal billionaire wealth advisor who happens to be one of the wealthiest people in the world for just the small cost of picking up a copy of the book. If you are focused on success and wealth-building, you need to add Homeless to Billionaire to your library.

Today’s article is designed to give you a taste of the 18 wealth-building principles discussed in Homeless to Billionaire. How many of these have you already implemented in your own strategy for wealth-building? Which of these wealth accumulation principles could you add to your routine to fasttrack your success to wealth creation? Let’s take a look.

1 – Get Clear About Your Goals and their Importance in Your Life

What approach do you use for goal-setting? We like the one discussed in Homeless to Billionaire. Here it is: Craft your list of goals based on what you don’t want in your life. For example, you don’t want to have to work for someone else. You don’t want to have to wait forever to have the ability to travel and get more experiences out of life. Once you know what you don’t want, you will know exactly what your goals need to be. What you don’t want will reveal your wants.

2 – Take Risks and Action

Unbelievable moments come when you are willing to get uncomfortable and take risks. Has this happened to you? You were intimidated by a situation, conversation or event, but once you embraced it and its potential some incredible things happened? A big move. A new opportunity. All change can be nerve-wracking, but once you see the potential that tackling fears can have, you will be looking for other moments of discomfort because you will understand their potential for growth. Wealth accumulation stems directly from the number of those uncomfortable moments you are willing to have. What action are you worried about taking but at the same time you know could be potentially life-changing and wealth-creating if it were to work out in your favor?

3 – Focus on Who You Are. The Power of Self-Affirmation.

Affirmations. Tell yourself you are who you wish to become and with time you will increase your odds of becoming that person. This is not a practice in self-inflated and phony belief. No, it is having focus towards who you want to be. “I am healthy. I am happy. I am wealthy. I am helpful.” Remind yourself daily of where you are going and what you are already proud of.

4 – Be Willing to Be Alone

The time that we spend alone is when ideas are born. Embrace and maximize your moments of solitude.

5 – Celebrate the Wins, Even the Small Ones

How often do you move on from one project to the next without taking the time to acknowledge your and your team’s efforts? I am beyond guilty of failing to do this as well. We move from one deal to the next or one investment to the next, not taking the time to recognize what we have achieved, learned and overcome. Enjoy the journey more.

6 – The Law of Vibrational Giving

Homeless to Billionaire introduced us to the idea of vibrational giving. This means giving in the moments where spiritual enrichment comes back to you as a result. In simpler terms, give where it makes you feel good. Give where doing so provides you with the joy, happiness or another emotion that you wish to receive, not simply a sense of obligation.

The idea is also this: help others to get what they want, and what they receive will come back to you in the same form but 10x over. Someone wants to build wealth? Help them do so by helping them with opportunities, contacts and connections and that same wealth accumulation will come back to you 10x over.

7 – Gratitude

Being grateful for what you have already, regardless of how far your goals will take you, is incredibly important. Homeless to Billionaire preaches that we focus our attention on what we already have, not just what we want.

We need to take the time to thank the universe for all the things that we have. Gratitude is directly linked to happiness and self-esteem, which are directly linked to well-being. Ten minutes a day at the end of the day thinking about gratefulness and all the things in your life, big or small, that you appreciate, can be incredibly powerful and mentally transformational. Verbalize these things for which you are grateful even if under your breath and note the strong emotional high that comes from the simple act of gratitude.

8 – Have Ideas so Massive that they Make Others Uncomfortable

What fun is it to chase little goals? You know you have set a good goal when others get uncomfortable with the possibility of reaching that goal. Make that your standard.

9 – Passion. Find it.
Passion gets us through the tough times that inevitably arise on the path to achieving goals that are so big that they make others uncomfortable. If you do not have passion for what you are doing, you will never see the other side of the proverbial gate that these temporary roadblocks on the road to achievement impose. Always know your why.

10 – Master your Emotions

Never let negative emotions linger or get the best of you. Find positivity. Homeless to Billionaire tells us to see beauty and love in the things around us whenever negativity enters. How is this event, which at first glance appears to be a negative, actually a positive for you and your goal of wealth accumulation?

11 – Wake up Expecting Problems

Wealth accumulation does not come easy. If you understand that, and even expect it, you will not let problems disrupt your path to big things. It is critical to see problems for what they are and then frame them as a benefit rather than a problem. Worry and fear are detrimental. Worry and fear come from disrupted expectations. Recalibrate your expectations so that you are always in a relaxed state. Finding that relaxed state, which is fully within your control, is going to give way to the creative moments that wealth accumulation requires.

12 – Embrace Apology

Great people are not afraid to admit when they are wrong, and they don’t make the same mistake twice. They tell themselves and others, compassionately, “[l]let’s learn from this and make sure it doesn’t happen again.” Stick to your word, genuinely accept responsibility where you stumble, apologize when needed. Drop any claim that the other person was also guilty in some way.

13 – Fit Body, Stronger Mind.

Homeless to Billionaire emphasizes physical health as a precursor to the kinds of ideas that lead to wealth and wealth accumulation. Get up early. Exercise often. Do the things that you need to do to make sure that your body, mind and health function optimally on a daily basis. Do you know anyone who has the kind of wealth that you want but who is also extremely obese or unhealthy? Those kinds of people generally simply do not have the kind of discipline necessary to go for the goals that you are aiming for.

14 – Pay More, Give More, Keep More.

“Being rich is measured in money. Being wealthy is measured in time.” Enable your circle and the people who will make you wealthy by freeing up more of your precious time. Let’s learn to measure our wealth accumulation by the amount of time that you have to freely pursue those things that interest you the most. That means getting other talented people involved in and motivated towards your success.

15 – Mimicking and Mentorship

This one is great, and perhaps the biggest way to save time on your way to building wealth. First, set the goals you want to achieve. Second, research to find those who have achieved those same goals. Finally, study how they did it or even work directly with them through mentorship if possible. Most goals that we set are not particularly unique from those that others have already reached. Why not benefit by learning from the mistakes that they have made so that you don’t have to go through the same? This is just smart.

16 – Invest in your Team & Employees

Help them set goals then help them succeed in those goals. Cheer for them and support them. Make their experience better: Monetary, new opportunity or experiential. Remember how we defined wealth in terms of time and not financial just a few minutes ago?

17 – Value Positivity Over Results

How about this wealth quote? “Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.” – Eleanor Roosevelt. What is the relevance of attitude to wealth-building? Negativity is like cancer to wealth accumulation. It affects everyone and everything involved in the process of building your dreams and the wealth you hope to come with them. Cut this negativity out of your own mind and get rid of anyone in your life who brings negativity into it regardless of any other value in your life or business that they may have.

18 – Do. Be. Go. Have.

Do the actions necessary for the wealth accumulation that you desire. Go, think and risk and do more than you are comfortable doing. Take action now. Visualize success. All you can imagine is possible. Achieve even with criticism. Live outside the rat race and bring others along for the ride with you. Experience once in a lifetime events to think bigger and attract more wealth-building opportunities. Celebrate wins passionately.

That was a lot of wealth accumulation advice and actionable steps you can take? Which will you take? Begin by digging deeper into Homeless to Billionaire, your personal wealth advisor, and learning from those in the world who have already gained the title of “Achiever.”

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If you are focused on success and wealth-building, you need to add Homeless to Billionaire to your library.